My name is Destiny! I have always been a very unique, confident young woman.
I embrace who I am and love myself realizing I am unique. I have Vitiligo which causes my skin to lose its pigment. However, I learned from my mother to embrace my unique look and know that I am special because God made me special.
It is natural that people will stare or look at me differently because I have spots on my skin. I look at my spots as being specially marked by God and that they are unique and amazing. I embrace the fact that although I am different I am beautiful.
I want to spread the word that no matter your flaws you should look and feel amazing in your skin. I am so excited to tell you Amazingly Dee is being birthed out of passion and carries a message no matter your size, shape, skin color, or height we are all amazingly beautiful.
Amazingly Dee is a company with a fashion statement, it defines the beauty within you while capturing your uniqueness through fashion and style. You can mix and match pieces together and wear the perfect outfit. I imagine you looking in the mirror in AD on feeling special, with confidence and high esteem.
Your shopping experience will be easy, affordable, and well worth it because we offer what you need to be amazingly beautiful.